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Microsoft Office 2010 - 3D TV commercial - in full 3D HD

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Microsoft Office 2010 60s Cinema and TV Commercial Can be viewed in 2D (single eye) or 3D with appropriate equipment. For the launch of Office 2010 in Europe this commercial took place in Berlin through E&P Commercial Filmproduktion over two days and was directed by Moritz Laube. Vision3@Compendium provided the stereo crew to both test and film with the new Arri Alexa cameras on the Stereoplane rig complemented by Phantom cameras on the Stereotec Live 3D rig. Both setups were ground breaking, as both rig and cameras had never been used together, as well as being one of the very first uses of the Alexas "in the wild", let alone in a 3D environment. The commercial was released on the 7th October 2010

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