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World of Tanks Gets 3D Update

You upgrade your drivers regularly, right? We hope so, because we put a lot of effort into improving the peformance of our hardware with the hottest games and if you do not update your display drivers you may be missing out. Case in point: World of Tanks.

Not only has this multiplayer online game received a major content update recently, updating the game to version 7.3, which included several new tanks in the Soviet line as well as new maps and various game fixes. The latter of which included improvements to in-game shadows, which were proving a bit troublesome for 3D Vision and keeping the game from getting a high compatibility rating. No more! In our latest driver release, version 301.24, we've updated the 3D profile for WOT to take advantage of these improvements, resulting in much better 3D performance and vastly improved overall look and feel in 3D. (Check out our gallery of images from WOT v7.3 here.) In fact, we're so impressed, we're upgrading the game's 3D Vision rating to Excellent. Enjoy!




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I have the same issue

Wrong 3D Plane since WOT 9.15 !!!

Markers and Aiming Cros are on wrong Plane (only in Front) sincs 9.15. PLEASE FIX THIS NVIDIA.

By always NVIDIA because 3DVision, but that seems to bee not Future Proove!

Fix this already!

get your shit together and fix this

Not working

9.6 not working.


I just installed 9.5 and the game is still unplayable in stereoscopic 3D. Ever since the 9.3 patch I have not been able to play this in 3D.
I tried everything, Changing drivers, settings, re-installing the game, on another computer with my 120hz 3d monitor. It used to work perfect but now there is too much ghosting in the game to make it playable.

On my pc work fine, with

On my pc work fine, with standard graphic.

Nvidia FIX ??

When comes a fix from Nvidia for WOT ??

YIPES - unable to play WoT 9.3 with NVidia 3D

Have Driver 344.48 - WoT used to worked perfect - 3D now horrible.

nicht mehr spielbar seit 9.3

nicht mehr spielbar seit 9.3 mit nvidia 3d kit ...schade.

Since WOT 9.3 upgrade. I am unable to play WOT with Nvidia 3D

Since WOT 9.3 upgrade. I am unable to play WOT with Nvidia 3D

unplayable since last patch

unplayable since last patch 9.3

aaa! of

aaa! of



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