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System Requirements

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NVIDIA Display Drivers

Release 266.58 WHQL or above

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Internet Explorer 7 or newer

Firefox 3.6 or newer



Intel® Core2 Duo or AMD Athlon X2 CPU or higher


1GB of system memory. (2GB is recommended)

100 MB free disk space

Operating System

Microsoft® Windows® Vista 32-bit/64-bit or Microsoft Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit

Browser Plug-in

Microsoft Silverlight v4.0.50401 or newer


6mbps+ recommended for best quality (1080p)

1mpbs minimum requirement

3D PC Buying Options

The 3D Vision PC comes in a variety of form factors including desktop, notebook, and all-in-one.

But all 3D Vision PCs combine the following NVIDIA technologies:

  • NVIDIA GeForce graphics processing units (GPU)
  • NVIDIA 3D Vision-Ready display (LCD monitor, projector or television)
  • NVIDIA 3D Vision active shutter glasses

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Hello I use a Asus VGH278H together with an Nvidia GTX 560TI an Vision 2 shutter glasses. It worked well for the last half year. Starting last weak i have the problem then when it switches in 3D mode all colors distort into purple. In 2d everything is ok. I tried different drivers and change the cable but nothing helped. My...
just got my benq 2420t and 3d vision 2 glasses kit cost me £440 set it up and 3d game or **** like play game with sun glasses. no 3d experience at all. cant get 3d youtube to work. all i can get to work is the nvidia in test stereoscopic 3d
Hi folks Have a thread running here: Could really use your input as there seems to be a lot of confusion about 3d vision (and 3d vision surround) support for 3 or more gpus. Thanks in advance for helping clarify the issue! -Stefan
how can i use my sony avamp audio without setting it up as a prim or sec display? it says not connected unless i have it set up as display but this causes problems with my 3d on eq2 if i have 2 displays