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Turn 2D into 3D with 3Defy!

Turn 2D into 3D with 3Defy!

Just because you don’t have a 3D camera does not have to mean you can’t participate in 3D photography—thanks to companies such as 3Defy, which make software that you can use to transform your 2D images into stereoscopic 3D shots you can view with your 3D Vision™ hardware.

The 3Defy name may already be a bit familiar to you if you frequent the site—we’ve been featuring a lot of their content on 3DVisonLive to give you a taste of what you can do with their software, and you can check out the full gallery here.  (Each 3D model was created from a single 2D image!)

Chris Wallace, Co-founder of 3Defy describes what the company, and its software, is all about:

“3Defy is a free web application that allows you to convert 2D photographs into 3D models. Built by a team of passionate engineers, designers, and 3D enthusiasts, 3Defy aims to increase the availability of quality 3D content online. The primary benefit of 3Defy is that it leverages the wealth of content which already exists in 2D form. Artists and photographers don't need to recreate their portfolios from scratch in 3D, they can use the provided tools to enhance and revitalize 2D work that has already been done.”

Best of all, the 3Defy application is remarkably easy to use, and therefore, creating a 3D image is likely easier than you may think. The 3D modeling process involves providing an image, extracting objects from the image, and then using the tools to push, pull, bend, pivot, and add textures.  Although fairly simple to use, it does take a little practice to be able to achieve realistic results with the 3D modeler, and a 3D modeling tutorial is available here.

3Defy runs right in the web browser, and doesn't require any additional downloads. And, if you have upgraded to Adobe Flash Player 11, then you'll notice that it provides GPU-accelerated performance during 3D rendering. And, if you don't have any 3D hardware to view images in stereoscopic 3D, there's more: You can use the 3Defy player to see all images created with 3Defy, such as those show to the right, in pseudo-3D (as interactive images you can rotate and zoom with your mouse) - right in your browser. In fact, you can embed the player in your own web page, which we've done below.  You can see hundreds more examples at 3Defy's site, here.

The 3Defy team is actively working on new features, and they are interested in hearing feedback and ideas from the 3D Vision Live community—so give the software and try, share your results, and give us your feedback!





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page does exist

not sure what you are referring to - all links are live and working


the page already doesn't exist

Great project

If there just would be flash version of that game, I'd happily add it to my project.

request for quote

Pls let me know how much you charge to convert a pic from 2d to 3d and how to save it to my computer?



Professional 2D to 3D conversion

3Defy is now offering a 2D to 3D conversion service. You can upload a photo, and a 3Defy certified artist will convert it to 3D for you.

3D Printing

3Defy now has an export function, which enables 3D printing.

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