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Summer Photo Contest Results

The votes have all been cast and we can now, finally, bring you the results of our First Annual Summer Photo Contest. Dozen's of excellent images were submitted and it was a challenge to whittle all the entries down and select the prize winners. Without further ado we get to the results - drumroll please!


First Prize: "Soap Bubble"

Zoran Zelic (ZZ3D)'s "Soap Bubble 1" takes the top prize. We like the spontaneity the image implies along with the overall composition with the bubble floating out of the screen towards the viewer. It also captures the Summer theme effectively in a single scene that just about everyone can identify with. Congratulations to ZZ3D for an engaging image (actually many quality images can be found in his gallery) and for winning the FujiFilm W3 camera and 3D Vision Kit!


Honorable Mention: Thermal Corvinus I

LudvikXIV is one of the site's most popular contributors and it's easy to see with images like this one. Another excellent compostition that makes you want to dive right in...


Honorable Mention: Girl With Water Splash

Alexey's take on the playing with water theme is just as inviting - we ejoyed the composition, colors, and natural lighting. Well Done!


Honorable Mention: Tunde II. Sunset at VM

Ludvik strikes again! This is simply an arresting image with a breath-taking sense of serenity captured within - don't you want to wade on in? We really enjoyed the Tunde series overall!

Thanks to all who submitted - and please, keep sharing your work and rate and comment on the work that others share here, too.

The Winter Photo Contest is now open, so let's see what you can do with a new theme!




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I'm honored...

... and excited to receive the top prize at your First Summer Photo Contest -- thank you!
more 3D photos to come...

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