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Spring Photo Contest Results

As Voted by 3DVisionLive Members...

With sincere apologies for the delay, NVIDIA is pleased to announce the results of the Spring Photo Contest. We received more than 80 submissions from 3DVisionLive members and, for the first time, invited the membership to select the winner.

The only criteria for the contest was the photos had to represent the meaning of Spring in some fashion, and be an original image created by the member that submitted it. All submitted photos were put in a gallery and ample time was provided for members to vote for their favorite by designating images they liked the best as "favorites". When all was said and done, more than 140 votes were cast.

Without further ado, we unveil our winning entry, "Blue Bell Wood", which was submitted by one of our more active - and popular - members, Media3D (or "Stuart"). We invite Stuart to tell us more about how this image was created, and his inspiration behind it, in the comment field below. Congratulations Stuart - thank-you for your frequent contributions and comments on the site, we look forward to seeing more of your work in the future. Enjoy your $100 gift card and extra set of 3D Vision 2 glasses!

"Blue Bell Wood" by Media 3D

We are fortunate to receive regular quality contributions from our membership, which was evidenced by the close voting seen in our contest gallery. We are grateful to all who participated in the contest, either by submitting images or voting (or both); and we would like to give "Honorable Mentions" to the following images as well.


"Opening the Spring" by LudvikXIV

Another frequent, and very popular contributor, LudvikXIV has won past image contests on the site and had several extremely compelling submissions for this event, which should come as no surprise to those familiar with his work.


"Retro" - by Media3D


"Spring Walk" by thi3rry


"Happy Easter" by LudvikXIV

Once again, thank-you to EVERYONE that paticipated in this event, and stay tuned for more chances to showcase your images, win prizes, and share your opinions with your peers.




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Blue Bell Wood

I’m completely bowled over at taking first prize in the “spring photo contest.” I have been involved in 3D photography for many years, but this is the first time I have won an award. With so many excellent entries in the contest, please accept my appreciation and thanks to the community members who voted and felt my picture worthy to win.
The main background for my shot was taken at a local wood which is close to where I live in the U.K. Spring is a wonderful time to take these kind of pictures. The log was ideal, the wood and moss gave it texture and the green foliage and the bluebells in the background gave it colour. The image was captured on a Sony Cyber shot camera model DSC F707 which has a Carl Zeiss 10x digital lens, the camera was mounted on a tripod. Having taken the first picture (right image) the camera was moved in a straight line 2.1/2 inches to take the second shot (left image) this kind of photography is great if there is no movement while taking the picture.
In the editing stage I use Adobe Elements to crop and control colour temperature ect. I felt at this stage the image lacked something so I introduced the Falcon which was a 2D image. To convert the falcon to 3D a program called Bas relief from 3D stereo pro was used. First cut out and pasted onto a green screen was then depth mapped to give roundness and depth to the image. To compile the finished shot the green screen was removed via chroma key and the Falcon pasted on the log.
Finally my thanks to Nvidia, without their web site and staff; none of our pictures would be seen by so many.
Media 3D.

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