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Photographer Profile: Warbird Pinup Girls

Warbird Pinup Girls

Sometimes it’s just great “when a plan comes together.” An avid warbird photographer, I’d been familiar with Christian Kieffer’s outstanding pinup photography for years – his company produces some truly amazing nostalgic calendars featuring vintage WWII aircraft and models done up to mimic the pinups from the same era that helped to keep many an airman’s spirits high. Thinking the subject matter would lend itself well to 3D, I approached Christian a few months ago about working together to get some of his content on and he was enthusiastic about the concept to say the least.

We set him up with the necessary 3D Vision hardware to view images and a basic FujiFilm W3 to get the ball rolling. Christian had never done any 3D photography, but tackled the subject with gusto – we think these initial images are fantastic and hope you do as well. You can view the entire gallery here.

And calendars are not all that’s up Christian’s sleeve – Warbird Pinup Girls is working on a potential TV series that will profile various warbirds, and pinups too of course, with the goal of informing more people about the vital roles these machines played in our history. You can watch Christian and his models in action in the first promotional episode below.

Once you’re done ogling all this material – take your time – read on to learn more about Christian and Warbird Pinup Girls. Christian was kind enough to provide the following narrative that describes what his company, and vision, is all about.

 Warbird Pinup Girls

By Christian Kieffer

When NVIDIA approached us about doing 3D work in addition to our regular photography I was thrilled to learn about this exciting technology. The planes and dames do lend themselves well to this type of photography. 3D does require a new way of thinking when approaching your subject, and we are thrilled to have this new addition to our Pinup photography portfolio.

“Warbird Pinup Girls” is an annual calendar, which highlights the classic age of pinups and aircraft nose art. As the photographer it is my goal to reach back to the golden age of pinups to present a beautifully crafted modern rendition featuring retro-girls with all WWII fighters and bombers. Warbird Pinup Girls also offers an exciting and interactive website that includes WWII veteran’s stories and expanded portfolios of each pinup girl.

When I was 8 years old my father took me to an air show featuring WWII aircraft, I was shocked and amazed by the awesome sounds these machines made when they started up and taxied down the runway and lifted into the sky.

When we returned home I would not stop thinking about being a WWII fighter pilot, buzzing across the treetops and lighting up my 50-cals on the enemy. I was hooked. My father and I would build all the scale models and learn all the designs and lines of the aircraft down to every rivet. I can recognize any spotter card you put in front of me. The nose art and the pretty girls they painted on their aircraft had always fascinated me. When I reached my adolescence it made even more sense. The classic pinup girls were classy and sexy and still are.

My work features some of the finest examples of operational WWII aircraft left flying, in addition we select models that are very reminiscent of the 1940s pinup girls and place them together to create beautiful images that please the pinup and aviation community alike. We work closely with the models and our chorographers to train the girls in classic poses that make pinups so special. Revealing poses and sexy legs, yet remaining clean and innocent. In these days of over-exploitation of virtually everything my audience has embraced the Pinup Girl that shows “just enough” and leaves something to the imagination. We hope to bring a sense of class back to today’s ladies by looking into the past when things were more romantic.

With the release of our third calendar for 2013 we focused on the real star of the war, the P-51 Mustang.

We have obtained unfettered access to some outstanding aircraft for this special edition. Mustang owners are a breed apart and take pride in being a part of this elite club of aircraft owners. In addition to having some amazing Mustangs for our pinup shots we managed to obtain the “one of a kind” modified P-51 Mustang “Precious Metal.” This unlimited class Reno air racer is a plane like no other. This Mustang has been transformed into a racing plane with duel counter-rotating props and a 3000-horsepower Griffon power plant. “Precious Metal” has been honored as the fastest prop-driven aircraft in the world at over 675 MPH. This all-chrome monster is also very photogenic. We placed one of our beautiful pinup girls with this unique beauty for some of my best work.

In addition to “Precious Metal” we have an outstanding line up of classic P-51 Mustangs including the famed “Old Crow”, “Crazy Horse”, “Crips A’ Mighty”, and a real “Red Tail” of Tuskegee fame, just to name a few. New this year, as a special feature, our calendar will include classic WWII images as well as our modern rendition of the classic Pinup Girls. Our fans will be delighted that we have once again maintained our high standards and brought them all new gorgeous pinup girls for the 2013 “Warbird Pinup Girls” all Mustangs edition.

Thanks Christian for taking the time to tell us about Warbird Pinup Girls and explore 3D photography and share your amazing images with us.

 If you’d like to be considered for a similar profile story on the site, please drop an email to with 3D Photographer Profile in the subject line.

Christian Kieffer


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thank you

Thanks AirplaneChaser :-) keep an eye out for the 2014 calendar, will be posting exclusive new 3D work on here soon!

great work!

Love this profile - though you'd expect so from my user name ;-) Love the modern take on classic WWII era pinups - the 3D has much potential here. Gonna get me a calender, too....

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