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New Photo Page Layout!

We’ve rolled out a new look for the Photo page that updates the page to have a similar look and feel to the home and video pages.

We’ve added a pane of larger thumbnails across the top that is user-navigable. Just click the right or left arrows to cycle. (We will be adding an auto-scroll mechanism to this soon.) And these are viewable in 3D - just click the 2D/3D toggle button at the top right of the page. Make sure to upgrade to the most recent drivers for best performance.

This was done to make it possible for the moderators to highlight more photographers’ work – anything from individual photos to full galleries. With the original format, some users were complaining that their images, or quality images in general, were pushed off the page too quickly by large uploads of files by individual users.

The site moderators will use this top pane to give longer exposure to images/galleries that get high ratings and/or lots of comments. So vote up those images you’d like to see here and use the comments field to request galleries to be posted here.

In addition, we’ve tweaked the upload process to only show three images from any single users batch upload of multiple files. This way, one user’s upload of, say, 50 game screens will not push all the recent uploads off the front page. We’ve also made the recent upload thumbnails bigger and moving all the galleries from the former layout (Awards, Staff Picks, etc.) to the top pane gives us space to show more recent uploads.

Finally, we’ve added a news feed in the left-hand column that calls attention to any photo-related stories posted on the site. These are always called out on the home page, of course, but if visitors come directly to the photo page they may miss them.

This is a work-in-progress and we’ll be making refinements and tweaks as we gather feedback. So please, let us know what you think. What works, doesn’t work, or additional features you’d like to see. This is YOUR site – so let us know your opinion so we can work to make even more enjoyable for you.


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صور جميله


جميل جدا روووووووووعه

جميل جدا روووووووووعه

view issues

Latest awards is fixed....thx.

Send an email to with as much detail as you can on your IE9 issue. OS version, driver version used, and as much detail about the issue you are having. IE9 is working fine on out test systems and as of now, no other users are reporting similar issues. I have seen an issue when you use the swap feature to properly view an image that has l/r reversed - it works for that image and then results in subsequent images being swapped as well. It's been rare however and has not been documented. Clearing browser cache and relaunching has fixed this in the past.

3D viewing in IE9 seems broken.

I only get one eye in 3D view now using IE9, sorta works in Chrome bothe eyes get pictures but only one eye sees the main webpage text. I'm also still having issues with left/right reversal. The thumbnails all show up backwards and I have to click swap on each of them, "windowed" view of a single image is also L/R reversed and needs to be swapped, full screen seems correct... It did this in IE9 (back when it worked) and still does it in Chrome. FWIW I just installed new drivers 2 days ago...

Latest Awards is broken again

Clicking the link/picture takes you to just one picture, like it did last time it was broken

latest uploads

You are right... when you click on Latest Uploads you should see all images in order uploaded... and only three from each batch on the front page. Working on resolving this now.


Good to hear! I can see why you wouldn't want everyone bumped off but I thought that was what the front page was for?

Well, if the uploaded list gets some sort of way to see a particular user's latest uploads, that'd be a heck of a lot better anyway.

(As long as I'm in wishing mode... a way to be able to change our email addresses would be nice. The video account lets you do it but not the photo account!)


The change to only show three uploads from a batch was made to prevent one user's uploads from taking over the page and bumping everyone else off, which isn't ideal either. We appreciate your feedback and I am working with the developer on ways to ensure that people will know there are more images from a set of images in the latest uploads pages, as well as easier ways to pick what images you want shown in latest uploads.

As for the key words feature - agreed: this is an early build of a new system and needs some tweaking, which is a priority so stay tuned.


Mass uploads hidden!

The "latest uploads" page no longer shows all uploads. I was wondering why uploads had dropped off so much lately. It turns out they are only showing us two or three per user! People don't always upload the coolest pictures first, you know, we need a way to see them all.
Also, the new feature for putting in key words is VERY annoying, at least in IE9. When I paste in keywords, it pops up a list of key words AND TRAPS MY CURSOR! If I press tab, it adds key words I don't want. If I press escape it erases the ones I just put in. I have to click on another text box, then press escape, then click on another textbox again to get out of the key word list! Really really terrible.

Incorrect link

There was a bad link... fixed now. Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience.

Is latest awards broken??

Today when I clicked on "Latest Awards" (picture or title) it took me directly to the photo, and had no notation of the award catagory (bronze,silver, gold).

Is this "New Functionality" or is it broken...

Oh wow didnt know of limits

100% agreed zloth.... I really should of read that post. I post my images for my own pride sort of reasons but I know they arent spectacular like most images(especially since I can only take 720P screenshots and I use a way bigger screen then people are used to. Though I just bought a monitor for recording/pictures =)
I always felt like an *** when I wanted to upload a whole bunch of images. So Id post like 3-4 a day till done(Though I been doing that on new system and didnt realize it). Its a great idea, now I can post them all at once.I always felt crappy when I knocked off actual professional photographers pictures.
I REALLY wanted to post a PHYSX series of explosions/effects (still frames leading up till final moment) for borderlands 2 but old system didnt allow it. I will probably do a video now but its good to have the option.

New system is growing on me and I do like more then old but I still do think its cramped.


Good idea on putting limits on the front page for mass uploaders (like, say, me). Just make sure that isn't happening on the pages dedicated to recent uploads. I want to see them ALL there!

We still really need some way to know when somebody comments on an image.

3D intereaction

Thanks Swolern - currently working on a couple things regarding 3D image interaction/out of screen effects... so stay tuned.

Premium Account information

Also can additional information be put up about the premium accounts? Since I have a feeling I need to get one

Thanks for the update guys.

Thanks for the update guys. The site is amazing. Love it! Keep up the good work!
If somehow we could have some out of screen 3d image interaction that could really be a game changer for 3d. Using Kinect for out of screen 3d images touch interaction/control would be amazing.

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