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New 3D Vision Game Support

New Driver Improves 3D Game Support

NVIDIA continues to focus on 3D and remains dedicated to improving its 3D Vision technology. Towards that end, we have some great news to share with the 3D Vision user community. Today’s beta release of the R334 driver, which you can download and read more about here, adds new 3D Vision profile support—as well as improves existing support—for several key PC titles that our users have been clamoring for. The list of changes is as follows:

1. Battlefield 4 – previously not supported, now rated as “Good”

2. Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag - rating changed from “Good” to “Excellent”

3. Saints Row 4 - rating changed from “Not Recommended” to “Good”

4. Bioshock Infinite - rating changed from “Not Recommended” to “Excellent”

5. Assassin’s Creed III - rating changed from “Not Recommended” to “Excellent”

6. Sniper Elite V2 - rating changed from “Good” to “Excellent”

7. Hitman: Absolution - rating changed from “Fair” to “Excellent”

8. Need For Speed: Most Wanted - rating changed from “Fair” to “Good”

9. Far Cry 3 - rating changed from “Fair” to “Good”

10. Total War: Shogun 2 - rating changed from “Not Recommended” to “Good”

11. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist - rating changed from “Not Recommended” to “Good”

12. Warframe - laser sight now renders correctly and shadows may be turned on


Please note: Games must be run in DX10 or DX11 mode to see these improvements and 3D Vision Surround is not supported. A gallery of screenshots from several of the games may be viewed here.


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Google helix skyrim 3d fix

3D vision without those guys would be useless. Hope Nvidia is aware of that. No love for their own hardware... sigh.


Hi, Thanks for the info.

Also profiles

Im in 344.11 windows 7 64 bits drivers.
Same issue to me .
this new mode called fake 3d , doesn´t exist in...
profiles panel is empty.
Every listed games here, are not recognized by the rating 3d in game.
Iwas one week downgrding and upgrading driver versions, but in 344.11 is full broken this.


I from Brazil and the Helix Mod is the best solution for 3d vision problems. What is wrong with you NVIDIA? Helix support now!

Bye bye nvidia

I will be buying amd card first time in my life. Will try using tridef. Time to bury 3dvision.
Everytime i bought nvidia. 5200, 5600, 8800gtx,gtx260,gtx560ti and gtx 670.
In three months. i will buy my first amd card. Goodbye forever if tridef gives me true 3d vision.

new 3d mode/function

although i'm not a pc-wizz, i do enjoy the 3d function on most games.
i appreciate the fact you keep supporting 3d vision, and like that there are more and more games it supports. thnx for that!

alas the way 3d movies look is appalling, and wish you could something about that, for the people that use 3d-vision but do not have the funds (or intention) to use 3d tvplay also like to watch their movies in 3d, they have payed enough for their nvidea-based pc! (card, software etc)

probably all said before, but there you go, i'm new at this!

keep up the support for your own products (or you might lose them to AMD)

3D option for Elder Scrolls Online

would love playing this game in 3D without changing too much on the profil.
Please make it possible!

For 3D.....

Dude; Seriously, you do NEED to double up on that graphics card for 3D. SLi and all that.

Or get a 780Ti.

Then all you do is go to your NVidia Graphics settings and each time you want to run your rig in 3D, just select the check-box that can be found in there.

When finished with 3D, uncheck the box.

Your rig is similar to one of mine otherwise; but I went with the Asus VG278H with the built-in 3D emitter..

Hire Helix

Just hire helix and have him work on 3d vision or we will all switch to AMD.

Fake 3D is obvious

Started to play Assassin's creed 3, at first was glad to finally see it in 3D, but in some time my eyes become tired, because interface element become more like textures, so their depth changes all the time. It's hard to play like this, I vote for not to do this thing a standart feature in games.

Helix Mod Doesn't Work - It Should


We added the toggle for the new mode to remove issues with Helix mod compatibility - are you turning it off?

where can I buy 3d for PC

Sorry if this is not the place for me to be I'm a noob
I went looking for Tomb Raider I think it was Underworld I read someware in here it was a Greate 3D experence I just went 3D
and I just am not sure how to even ask for what I want, i've been playing PS2/3 and thought I would go back to PC If some one could in lighten me as what is good (Tomb Rader?) mabye Bio Shock
Thanks Tark
CPU 4770K @ 4.6 H80i cooling
MOBO Asus M.6.F
RAM 32gb Corsair Vengance
EVGA GTX 760 4gb v337.61
INTEL 240gb SSD (boot) 2 / 320gb in raid 0 - 2 /1.5 HHD
ASUS VG278 @ 144hz Monitor and 2 Acer S271HL
NVIDIA 3D Glasses but have only seen demo
Windows Media 8.1

fake 3d on movies is enough already

while i appreciate your effort to extend the compatibility list, the fake 3d is not an option i consider, honestly if i have to choose between fake3d and 2d i choose 2d, that's what i've done with crysis 2 and what i'm doing right now with Hitman:Absolution.
I really don't understand why you don't pick up 2 employess and let them work on fixing games for 3d like Helix and all the other guys are doing FOR FREE on their spare time?
Another option would be to allow Tridef to work fine with 3dvision in dx10/dx11 as there are some fixes that works fine for some games (like hitman:absolution just to name one)

this is the way to go if you want to continue supporting your technology and hardware, i've got a gtx770 only because of 3d gaming requirements, if i don't play 3d my 470 was still fine, i think most of 3d users has done the same (basically better 3d = more gpu sales)

Bad business decision

Let's be clear Nvidia .. I bought the new geforce Titian just so I could play Skyrim all modded out in 3D and then you go an pull this update and now helix doesn't work skyrim looks like crap in this new update.. PLEASE FIX ASAP.. or this will be the last thing I waste my hard earned money on from Nvidia.. I had to finance the titian and I still have 4 months to pay it off, and now you made it's 3d look horrible.. come on get it together. Bad business decision. 3D Vision players prefer Helix to fake 3D because it fixed all the problems with( water,sky,shadows) that Nivida should of had fixed in the first place, and made the game look awesome as I am sure NVIDIA had intended. Please don't loss your hardcore NVIDIA customers, keep being the best 3D experience in PC gaming. All ready closely watching Oculus Rift.

I used to brag about Nvidia shutter technology and how awesome it made 3d look, and now I am just embarrassed and feel let down.

Amazing what an update can do for your business.

Toggle Mode

We have introduced a toggle mode for the new render mode introduced in 334 driver - see story on front page. So you don't have to use it, and can turn it on/off at will, thanks.

get the guys from helix in your team

Please, stop changing the drivers.
The only really good relaiable source for nvidia customers finding a way looking at 3d in the most optimal way is by using mods made by the helix comunity.
As long you dont adapt the same or better implementation of 3d in all possible games, please dont implement instead of it some cheap fake 3d.

Keep it Clean Please, II

Again, we will have good news about this - this week.

Please REVERT!!

Please revert the drivers Nvidia!! I have a lot of money invested on 3dvision, and this FAKE 3d that you got with the new drivers, honestly, SUCKS!! Please revert. Work more on 3dvision a let the shield be. Not worth it!! You have a tech that makes games amazing and you are making efforts on things that don't deserve!!

Thanks in advance!!

Keep it clean please

And stay tuned for more news soon about this...

Save 3d!

Helix mod is the best!


3D Vision players prefer Helix to fake 3D, please dont kill your hardcore players NVIDIA, keep being the best 3D experience in pc gaming.

fix 3d

Please fix the drivers and stop implementing fake 3D, at this rate the 3D community will be switching over to AMD given we rely so heavily on Helix mod for our games to work (Yes, the community is fixing games your drivers dont fix)

The ESO beta could be played

The ESO beta could be played in 3D. Check the 3D section of the Geforce forums. I'm afraid the site won't let me post a link.

Me too! I want to be able to

Me too!

I want to be able to play ESO in 3D.



3D option for (Elder Scrolls Online) *Please*

would love it if the next update for 3D capable vid cards could include support for the new game ( Elder Scrolls Online)

give it time

It's a new mode that hopefully will get refined and give us the option to play games in 3D that otherwise would be not be supported at all. Sure, it doesn't offer the same depth as 3D Vision Ready titles that have developer support but, for me, many of the games listed here look and play quite well in 3D now and were completely unplayable before.


effects are weak 3d loks god only in batman and few other games waste of money fps bf3 bf4 poorly done

Convergence Issue

I can't adjust convergence in these games! I want my pop out effect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate playing with just depth. I'd rather just play in 2D.

Support for Linux please

When will you add support for linux please? There a lot of gamers tha use only Linux as operating system and we are expecting for years pleaseeeee!!!!





Other problem with sony HMZ

I have the original Sony HMZ which I use for 3d gaming and have different problem to the ones listed. When new drivers installed I card no longer detects the HMZ for sound, get picture fine though. Also when I start 3d games the 3d is all blurry and its not a convergence issue. Any ideas? I've had to roll back to the 314.22 drivers to get things working properly but these drivers work terrible for AC IV.
Specs are Win7, gtx 670


So you are using 3DTV Play to connect to HMZ? Tell me your system specs and I can see what I can find out. If it says Excellent when you launch game it sounds like it is recognized and should be working?

i unistalled all drivers and

i unistalled all drivers and make full instalation. Drivers are 334.67. I have Sony HMZ 2 to 3d games. System windows 7 64 bit, gtx 780. I cant sort my 3d vision profile list. I see all games and all have old profile. Black Flag still have good. But when i open game i see excellent. wird


Do you mean old profiles for the games listed here? If so it sounds lilke the driver installation didn't complete - check to make sure you are running 334.67. If you are, the new ratings should show in the launch screen. Provide more detail please and we will try to help.


Hi. I still have old profiles in 3d Vision. Why ?

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