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March Photo Contest Results!

The Results are in!

It’s taken a while to cull through all the great entries we had for the March Photo Contest – thanks to all who submitted images. We’ve been treated to a wide array of distinctive and inventive 3D photographs during the last month!

Without further ado, the winner of March’s contest is LudvikXIV for his submission of “Trojan Warrior IV”. Not only is this image incredibly creative, but the contrast of stylized background and the Trojan costume (and beautiful model) really contrast nicely in the scene. We don’t offer support in our photo viewer at present for images in 3D Surround, however we hope to in the future and this image is some great motivation to drive this forward. Even without triple monitors, this image shines. Well done LudvikXIV!


<p>See stereo 3D on <a href=""></a></p>


Artist's description:

Full size picture, compression 97%. Prepared for NVIDIA surround enabled photo viewer. Enlarge (zoom, hide photos bar) to max for best view on 3dvisionlive. I verified new 3d shooting technology for extra wide shots in order to match NVIDIA 3d Vision 2 and surround photo display capabilities. Because of my passion for history, I was long time considering to use stereoscopic techniques for shooting of more impressive, more realistic pictures invoking historical atmosphere. Harmony of all details is really critical for such intention and I was very proud to establish cooperation with Stanislava, very famous Czech top model, to work with me on this project. We are both sharing passion for history, had in depth discussion about old Greeks and Romans. Stanislava is very intelligent girl, it happened to me to surprise her only with details of hypercaust - Romans heating system, so you could imagine where we discuss antique with one of the most beautiful model in our country. Proprieties in the shot are exactly matching Trojan ones, sword is only the exception. We tried in beautiful sirotci catle ruin establish the invocation of historical atmosphere together.

April’s Photo Contest is currently open so keep those images coming!

We’d like to call your attention to the following images from March, which really made our selection session difficult!

March Photo Contest, Honorable Mention:

Dancing Girl in the Dark


<p>See stereo 3D on <a href=""></a></p>



Front Leg Grooming


<p>See stereo 3D on <a href=""></a></p>


It's not often we see macro images in 3D on the site so keep these coming - interesting to see just how close you can get to small subjects with the add-ons for the FujiFilm W3.




<p>See stereo 3D on <a href=""></a></p>



Night in Prague


<p>See stereo 3D on <a href=""></a></p>



Vatican Ladder


<p>See stereo 3D on <a href=""></a></p>



Beautiful Eyes



<p>See stereo 3D on <a href=""></a></p>



Panter 1975


<p>See stereo 3D on <a href=""></a></p>





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