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3D Video Contest Results

The Results Are In!

3DVisionLive’s first-ever short-form 3D video contest received 14 entries that showed a great deal of diversity, ranging from video game captures to commercial-style clips to raw captures of pets or people doing cool things (such as bashing each other with swords).

During judging we laughed, we cried (okay, maybe not), and we simply scratched our heads…. But seriously: thank-you to all that participated and we hope to see more of your content uploaded to the site for all to enjoy.

Without further ado, the winners are:

First Prize: The Idea of 3D

We liked how this short clip captured the essence of what it is that we enjoy so much about 3D in a subtle, and clever, way. A hearty congrats goes out to Francesco!

First Runner Up: Wonders

Combine a quote from one of our favorite films with some thought-provoking text and imagery and you’ve got our interest piqued—we look forward to seeing where this project takes its creator, Jamie.

Second Runner Up: Terrible, Terrible Jokes

We liked this clip because it made us laugh, despite the title, and it really captured the heart of the competition, which was to see what type of ingenuity could be applied to simple capture tools and methods. Well done!

Winners: Keep an eye on your inbox for information about claiming your prizes, and/or drop a note to with the subject “3D Short-Form Contest”.

Honorable Mentions

Lonely Hallway

We enjoyed the feeling of suspense that builds to the last moment.

3D Knight Tournament

Wow – we’d love to be there in person! But seeing the action in 3D is the next best thing.


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how to?

Hi guys, I have a Panasonic AG-3DA1 camera and an alienware 3D system with which I can capture hdmi feed from this camera. How can I convert what I record (will probably be over/under frame packed signal) into 3D vision compatible videos as you do here? Also, the system is not accepting any password I enter to register, saying the password is less than 7 characters.



dragan95@live. com

i have surrond 5X1 and how to use all my chanel model of all my staff is panasonic viera with home theater SA-HT535,THENKS FOR ALL


That's Awesome - Thanks!

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