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2013 Digital Image Showcase

291 New Images to View!

For the third year in a row, NVIDIA worked with the National Stereoscopic Association to sponsor a 3D digital image competition called the Digital Image Showcase, which is shown at the NSA convention - held this past June in Michigan.

This year, the 3D Digital Image Showcase competition consisted of 294 images, submitted by 50 different makers. Entrants spanned the range from casual snapshooters to both commercial and fine art photographers. The competition was judged by Cassie Kaufman, Susan Pinsky and David Starkman, all experienced 3D photographers and NSA members. Their selection criteria included good composition and lighting, high drama and impact, and, of course, effective use of 3D. There were a number of excellent images submitted, and after an initial run through of the entire batch, the judges narrowed it down to eight top images. Further discussion then resulted in the selection of the three winners:


First Place: Explosive Fireworks by Oleg Vorobyoff


Second Place: Gilded Hall by David Kesner


Third Place: Full Moon Over Point San Pedro by Oleg Vorobyoff

Thank you to all those who entered and supported this year’s competition, and congratulations to our winners.

NVIDIA extends a special thanks to David W. Kuntz, 2013 3D Digital Imaging Showcase Chairman, for his considerable help in organizing this year's competition.

2013 Entrants:

Anna Alfonso

Owen Bailey

John Ballou

Josep Barberà

Mat Bergman

Doug Betzold

Robert Bloomberg

Stephanie Ann Blythe

Peter & Ann Bosted

John Bueche

Ryan Colditz

Gilbert Detillieux

Craig Gardner

Barb Gauche

Paul Gauche

Joel Gilgoff

Jose Gonzalez

Dennis Green

Gary Greenspoon

Jay Horowitz

Steve Hughes

Suzanne Hughes

Susanne Kerenyi

David Kesner

Ron Kriesel

Ron Labbe

Michael Levine

Jean-Pierre Marchand

Jim McManus

Ray McMillan

Elizabeth Mitofsky

Eugene Mitofsky

William Moll

Vasilis Pantazopoulos

Abe Perlstein

Lee Pratt

Timo Puhakka

Chris Reynolds

Harry Richards

Barry Rothstein

Robert Shotsberger

Albert Sieg

David Smith

James Staub

John Stuart



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i do not understand how this works.

serious awesome!!

serious awesome!!

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