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NVIDIA is pleased to announce the first Photo Champion for 3D Vision Live, Nick Saglimbeni. Regular visitors to the site should be well familiar with Nick's images. His Warehouse Wonderland image won the site's first monthly Photo Contest, and he was also the first repeat winner of the Contest two months later with Kim Kardashian's Wild West - one of the site's first 3D celebrity images. Nick is receiving the 2012 3D Vision Live Photo Champion Award as our formal...
Sorry folks for the delay in announcing the winner for May's Photo Contest - we had an issue with the search function and needed to make sure all entries were considered. Without further ado, on to the results! Alex Savin has been submitting some excellent images from his European adventures for some time now, and his "Fontana di Trevi" is a wonderful example of stereo photography that just plain works. The composition is top notch and the image is sharp throughout, which...
James Cameron continues to pioneer 3D technology. With the first Avatar he showed what 3D could add to the film experience. After criticizing the fast conversions from 2D to 3D that many Hollywood studios have released since Avatar, Cameron oversaw a team that turned Titanic into a 3D blockbuster. That film has been a commercial and critical success, showing what a year of meticulous conversion and $18 million can add to a 15-year-old movie. The director talks about Avatar,...
Marvel Entertainment was one of the first major Hollywood companies to commit to 3D movies. Beginning last summer, every movie based on a Marvel comic property was to be either filmed in 3D or converted to 3D for theatrical and home entertainment releases. When this mandate came down, Ari Arad (Iron Man), producer of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, turned to NVIDIA to help with the production of the Sony Pictures sequel, which is now out on Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray and DVD....
People are flocking to the theater to take in Pixar’s latest animated film, Brave, which we recommend seeing in 3D, of course. After seeing the movie you can relive the adventure by picking up the gorgeous Brave: The Video Game for PC. The third-person action/adventure game lets you play the role of Princess Merida—Pixar’s first female lead character—as you follow her adventures in a family-friendly storyline based on the film. Engage in bow-and-arrow and sword combat and...

Recent Blog Entries

Increasingly businesses are seeing the benefits of enterprise-wide virtualization for all employees. To meet this growing demand, NVIDIA GRID with the Tesla M10 was designed to help IT departments deliver virtualized desktops to all of their employees at an affordable cost

Shipping in volume today, the Tesla M10 provides the industry’s highest user density on a single GPU — 64 users per board, or up to 128 users per server with two boards. Knowledge workers using modern business applications — such as Outlook, Office 2016, web browsers, Adobe Photoshop and the Windows 10 operating system — will enjoy the best virtual user experience available.

Used in combination with the GRID August 2016 release including our new NVIDIA GRID Monitoring, the Tesla M10 gives businesses the most extensive vGPU control and visibility at both the host and guest levels. Together, they provide businesses the actionable insights necessary to fully leverage their investments in graphics-accelerated virtualization.

Today, there are more than 23 certified systems supporting the Tesla M10 from leading vendors, such as Dell, Nutanix and Supermicro.

Early testing has shown the Tesla M10 significantly improves performance across applications, including streaming video, webGL and graphical web apps, compared to CPU-only systems. In addition, it reduces CPU usage up to 18%, freeing up resources for other tasks.(1)

Customers in our early access program are seeing great results as well.

“Our initial testing of the Tesla M10 shows us that we can fit 2x the number of users in one of our GPU servers with no sacrifice in performance,” said Matt Wahl, infrastructure engineer at Autodesk.

NVIDIA GRID with the Tesla M10 will be on display at NVIDIA booth 955 at VMworld, Aug. 29-Sept. 1. The Dell PowerEdge R730 with the Tesla M10 will be in Dell’s booth 1431. To learn more about moving to 100% graphics virtualization in your enterprise, attend our VMworld talks. Follow all the show news at #VMworld.

(1) Based on internal subjective testing using the NVIDIA GRID vPC 512MB (the smallest available) profile on the Tesla M10.

The post NVIDIA GRID with New Tesla M10 Meets Growing Demand for Graphics-Accelerated Virtualization appeared first on The Official NVIDIA Blog.

“Be Tomorrow” is the theme of VMworld 2016, kicking off Sunday in Las Vegas. NVIDIA GRID is fully aligned with that, delivering next-gen virtual workspaces to all workers, today.

We’ll be featuring the NVIDIA GRID August 2016 release with GRID Monitoring and the new Tesla M10, which let enterprises simplify deployments of virtual applications, desktops and workstations to meet all use cases and workloads — whether on-premise or in the cloud.

Swing by NVIDIA booth 955, where we’ll be showing GRID for all virtualized users, including demos of:

  • Modern business applications used by knowledge workers, including Outlook, Office 2016, web browsers, Adobe Photoshop and the Windows 10 operating system on a virtual PC, with the NVIDIA Tesla M10 GPU, delivering over 100 users per server.
  • High-end applications used by engineers and designers, such as AutoCAD, Maya, Google Earth and Solidworks on a virtual workstation, with the NVIDIA Tesla M60 GPU.

To get a full blast of the conference’s future-looking theme, check out the VMvillage, where we’ll be debuting with VMware virtualized VR delivered straight from the cloud. You’ll experience:

  • NVIDIA Iray VR, which provides stunning virtual environments using physically accurate, dynamic panoramas and fully immersive lightfields.
  • Time-lapse renderings created with point cloud capturing the construction of NVIDIA’s iconic new building in Silicon Valley.
  • A collaborative VR design review of a Virtual Formula 1 race car created with Autodesk VRED 3D visualization software.

Practical talks on applications and success stories will provide deep insight into optimizing graphics-accelerated virtual environments, including:

  • “Why Siemens Uses High-Performance Desktops with VMware Horizon and NVIDIA GRID vGPU,” with Pat Lee, vice president of Cloud Apps & Desktops at VMware, and Luke Wignall, manager of Performance Engineering at NVIDIA.
  • “The Latest in High-Performance Desktops and Applications with Horizon 7, Blast Extreme Protocol and NVIDIA GRID vGPU,” with Kiran Rao, director of product management at VMware, and Sean Samenfeld-Specht, R&D manager at VMware.
  • “Windows 10, Office Apps and Graphics Virtualization: Is Your VDI Ready?” by Luke Wignall, manager of Enterprise Performance Engineering at NVIDIA.

View a full list of VMworld talks from NVIDIA, as well as our customers and partners. And follow all the events and happenings at the show at #vmworld.

The post Virtualization for All at VMworld: NVIDIA GRID Brings Graphics Acceleration to Every User appeared first on The Official NVIDIA Blog.