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Sorry folks for the delay in announcing the winner for May's Photo Contest - we had an issue with the search function and needed to make sure all entries were considered. Without further ado, on to the results! Alex Savin has been submitting some excellent images from his European adventures for some time now, and his "Fontana di Trevi" is a wonderful example of stereo photography that just plain works. The composition is top notch and the image is sharp throughout, which...
James Cameron continues to pioneer 3D technology. With the first Avatar he showed what 3D could add to the film experience. After criticizing the fast conversions from 2D to 3D that many Hollywood studios have released since Avatar, Cameron oversaw a team that turned Titanic into a 3D blockbuster. That film has been a commercial and critical success, showing what a year of meticulous conversion and $18 million can add to a 15-year-old movie. The director talks about Avatar,...
Marvel Entertainment was one of the first major Hollywood companies to commit to 3D movies. Beginning last summer, every movie based on a Marvel comic property was to be either filmed in 3D or converted to 3D for theatrical and home entertainment releases. When this mandate came down, Ari Arad (Iron Man), producer of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, turned to NVIDIA to help with the production of the Sony Pictures sequel, which is now out on Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray and DVD....
People are flocking to the theater to take in Pixar’s latest animated film, Brave, which we recommend seeing in 3D, of course. After seeing the movie you can relive the adventure by picking up the gorgeous Brave: The Video Game for PC. The third-person action/adventure game lets you play the role of Princess Merida—Pixar’s first female lead character—as you follow her adventures in a family-friendly storyline based on the film. Engage in bow-and-arrow and sword combat and...
At E3 Namco thrilled hip-hop loving fans of its Tekken series by announcing that none other than the “Doggfather” of hip-hip himself, Snoop Dogg, has recorded the title track for its upcoming Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Better still, for his myriad fans, a special Snoop-themed fighting stage will be featured in the game. And that’s not all… NVIDIA has partnered with Namco to produce an exclusive 3D version of the game’s title track, “Knock ‘Em Down”. The video made its national...

Recent Blog Entries

Big trade shows. Big product announcements. There’s a lot of news coming out of the Game Developer’s Conference and Mobile World Conference this week.

But the tablet that holds the graphics performance throne is proving tough to topple.

Credit the SHIELD tablet’s 192-core Tegra K1 chip. And while SHIELD’s spot atop the performance charts has gone unchallenged, we’re not resting. SHIELD was among the first non-Nexus devices to update to Android 5.0 Lollipop. And we continue to support SHIELD tablet with new features and improvements via monthly over-the-air (OTA) updates.

But there’s more to it than just the speeds and feeds.


The GRID gaming service SHIELD fans have enjoyed for over a year on both tablet and portable is receiving a major upgrade. As announced by our CEO Jen-Hsun Huang on Tuesday night, GRID ushers in the future of gaming. And you can enjoy it now on your SHIELD tablet.

With GRID, you can experience the awesome performance of a high-end GeForce GTX powered PC in your hands. You can enjoy our our entire library of GRID games on our SHIELD tablet and portable. Coming soon: brand new AAA titles such as Dying Light and Metal Gear Solid V. An update to SHIELD hub (now available) enables the cool new content and features on SHIELD tablet.

The service will continue to be free to anybody who owns a SHIELD device until June 30, 2015.


We’ll now be able to deliver updates to our ultra-realistic painting application, Dabbler, directly through the Google Play store. So you’ll receive the latest features in Dabbler that much faster.

The first update to Dabbler, for anybody who owns a SHIELD tablet, will be coming in just a few weeks.

The new Dabbler will have even better oil and watercolor painting effects. That’s made possible by an all-new GPU-accelerated simulation engine. We’ve also enhanced the user interface to improve the workflow for artists.

You’ll be able to customize the position of various UI elements, easily  access different tools, and also scale individual layers of your artwork. Finally, based on community feedback, we now let you watercolor and oil paint on the same canvas.

Our users have been creating masterpieces on their SHIELD tablets. And we’ve been showcasing them on our deviantART gallery. Join the gallery and see what others are creating. Or show off what you’ve been doing with SHIELD tablet and Dabbler.

With SHIELD tablet, the best just keeps getting better.

To learn more and buy, visit

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When we think of compelling virtual worlds, we usually think of graphics. And with each new version of Unreal Engine, Epic has embraced the latest graphics APIs to consistently raise the bar for the type of visuals developers can achieve in their games.  When you experience the huge, realistic world of our Kite demo running on NVIDIA TITAN X, you see the result of Epic’s longstanding commitment to state-of-the-art graphics.

Epic CEO Tim Sweeney

But another key ingredient of virtual worlds is physics—the laws which govern the behavior and interaction of objects in the game. From the time we first unveiled UE4 at the Game Developer Conference in March 2012, the core game physics has been powered by NVIDIA PhysX. We’re proud to be able to provide all UE4 developers with what we consider the world’s best physics engine, built-in and fully integrated.

And today we’re excited to announce an expansion of that partnership with NVIDIA providing all UE4 developers with not just binary but C++ source access to the CPU-based implementation of PhysX 3.3.3, including the clothing and destruction libraries, through Epic’s Unreal Engine repository on GitHub.

This means that the entire UE4 community can now view and modify this PhysX code alongside the complete C++ source code for UE4. Modifications can be shared with NVIDIA who will review and incorporate accepted submissions into their main PhysX branch, which then flows into future versions of UE4.

Epic’s latest jaw-dropping demo, Kite, called upon the power of NVIDIA TITAN X.

For developers who are pushing the envelope with UE4 and PhysX, this is great news, and we’re really excited about it here at Epic. Source for NVIDIA PhysX can now be found as part of the Unreal Engine code on the GitHub network.

More coverage of our announcements with at GDC: Latest PhysX Source Code Now Available on GitHub, New NVIDIA TITAN X GPU Powers Virtual Experience “Thief in the Shadows” at GDC.

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