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If you’ve a penchant for liking superhero-themed anything and playing games in 3D, the Batman: Arkham series has been a match made in heaven. Simply put, when it comes to 3D Vision titles it just doesn’t get much better – and it’s hard to see how it could.We’re happy to report that Batman: Arkham Origins, which releases today, continues this tradition. Out of the box, Origins is rated 3D Vision Ready, so you know it’s going to look spectacular. We’ve played it quite a bit...
Contest closed - stay tuned to for details about upcoming contests. is excited to unveil the latest in a series of photo contests aimed at giving you a platform to show off your images and potentially win some cool prizes. Like our most recent Spring Contest, this one will span three months - October, November, and December - and is themed: Your image must be something that captures or shows the essence of "nature" and what...
With sincere apologies for the delay, NVIDIA is pleased to announce the results of the Spring Photo Contest. We received more than 80 submissions from 3DVisionLive members and, for the first time, invited the membership to select the winner. The only criteria for the contest was the photos had to represent the meaning of Spring in some fashion, and be an original image created by the member that submitted it. All submitted photos were put in a gallery and ample time was...
For the third year in a row, NVIDIA worked with the National Stereoscopic Association to sponsor a 3D digital image competition called the Digital Image Showcase, which is shown at the NSA convention - held this past June in Michigan. This year, the 3D Digital Image Showcase competition consisted of 294 images, submitted by 50 different makers. Entrants spanned the range from casual snapshooters to both commercial and fine art photographers. The competition was judged by...
  VOTING IS NOW CLOSED - Thanks to all that participated. Results coming soon!   The submission period for the Spring Photo Contest is now closed, and we are happy to report we’ve received 80 images from our members for consideration. And, for the first time, we’re opening the judging process to our community as well to help us determine the winners. So, between now and the end of June (11:59 PST, June 30st), please view all of the images in the gallery and place...

Recent Blog Entries

You know a game is great if you’re inspired to create more content after you’ve finished playing. And that’s exactly what we’ve done for Bethesda’s acclaimed post-apocalyptic survival adventure, Fallout 4.

Vault 1080 is a free add-on level mod our LightSpeed Studios will release Friday. It adds over an hour of gameplay in an expansive vault featuring key NVIDIA GameWorks technologies, such as volumetric lighting, god rays, HBAO+ and FleX-powered weapons debris.

The gameplay is set in the dark underground hallways of Vault 1080, the home of a mysterious congregation that embraced darkness and sickness to survive. You’ll search for the truth within the depths of the mysterious vault, and judge for yourself whether monsters deserve salvation.

The Vault 1080 mod uses NVIDIA GameWorks tech for unsettling effects.

The story behind the story: a team of NVIDIA Fallout 4 fans who couldn’t resist the opportunity to participate after Bethesda released its Fallout 4 Creation Kit. Led by veteran game modder Dane Johnston, with modding credits for Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 2 and Homeworld our team of developers spent an afternoon brainstorming the mod’s storyline. They then poured in around seven man-months of work to create our mod.

The result is more than just a sprawling environment — which takes you to the ruins of an old church hidden in a foggy, murky marsh. It’s a tale of lost secrets and unknown horrors told with technology that perfectly complements Vault 1080’s unsettling tale.

We used GameWorks technologies such as volumetric lighting to light the corridors and rooms to create a great deteriorating atmosphere for players. Shadows are enhanced by NVIDIA HBAO+. Weapons debris comes courtesy of NVIDIA FleX.

We think the result brings something special to the world of one of our favorite games. So download it, play it and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Playing VR demos. Working on augmented reality displays. Crafting social media promotions for product launches. And entering contests to win great NVIDIA products.

A typical day in the life of an NVIDIA summer intern has been filled with opportunities to learn, memorable events and the chance to work with some of the most brilliant people in the industry. As well as a shot at winning cool stuff.

Nearly 300 students at our Santa Clara location, along with 50 more across other U.S. offices, are wrapping up their summer assignments here engaged in hardware, computer architecture and marketing campaigns.

Work, and play: Bowling night fun. Shaping the Future

When avid gamer Brandon Tiongson joined the Software-GPU team, he gained insight into how NVIDIA’s products are changing the future of gaming.

“I’ve always enjoyed working with technology, but working on GeForce NOW is just awesome,” says Brandon, who hails from Toronto, and is majoring in managerial economics at UC Davis. “It was great working on a product that has extremely high potential to transform the gaming industry.”

Interns didn’t just see the future of gaming — they also got to see the future of artificial intelligence, deep learning and self-driving cars. Part of the internship experience is getting the chance to listen to speakers like our head of research, Bill Dally, company co-founder Chris Malachowsky, and CEO and co-founder Jen-Hsun Huang.

“We got to hear their thoughts about what drones and cars will look like five, 10 and 20 years from now,” Brandon says. “It amazed me how many important projects NVIDIA is a part of, and how much of an impact the company will continue to make in the tech industry.”

Pool party: Celebrating the summer at the home of NVIDIA’s CEO. More Than Just Gaming

NVIDIA got its start in gaming, but has grown far beyond that. MBA student Rupali Deshpande, from Pune, India, experienced this firsthand working with the product management team on NVIDIA Quadro, our GPU brand for the professional visualization market.

“I thought the internship would be easy, but it’s not!” says Rupali, who studies at Hult International Business School, in San Francisco. “I worked on something different every day. It’s definitely a learning experience because you get real projects, and you work hard to see what you can come up with.”

Like the time she had to evaluate a new product for a specific customer segment. “I had to interview a lot of people, and do a full analysis of the situation,” she explains.

Being Part of a Company

Our interns weren’t only immersed in NVIDIA’s business. They’re a part of its culture and surrounded by some of the brightest minds in the world. That’s why Texas-native Nikhil Dixit returned to intern for the Engineering Hardware team for the third consecutive year.

“I’m still surprised by the explosive growth of the company, but I love that the people here are ridiculously smart and kind,” says Nikhil, a graduate student in computer architecture at the University of Texas. “It’s a blast learning from the most driven people I’ve ever met.”

Dozens of interns came together to build games for local students.

NVIDIA’s University Recruiting team makes it easy to build relationships through intern events like bowling nights with managers, scavenger hunts in downtown San Jose and tea parties with the Women in Technology group.

Interns even got involved in the importance of community, education and diversity by building bean bag toss games for local students, assembling science kits to promote hands-on STEM learning and walking San Francisco’s Pride Parade to show support for equality.

“The company has a clear vision of what it wants to be, and we get to be a part of that,” explains Nikhil. “Here at NVIDIA, you’ll always get the feeling you’re truly working together for a greater mission.”

Want to make plans for next summer? Find out more about NVIDIA’s internship program.

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