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aa testing settings on 3d textures gtx570 nvinspector

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aa testing settings on 3d textures gtx570 nvinspector

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I used nvinspector for advances bios settings making optimal use of nvidia 3d pipelines such as gpgpu opencl and direct3D settings
this way and by using a low resolution for 3D textures at highest framerate as possible,

aldo i have a 100hz display i the card detects the pixel engine wich is in modern day displays 400 mhz or in my case it was 170 mhz at full screen

3D mode i dont remember i think WKS_API_STEREO_MODE_FRAME_SEQUENTIAL

i always use 2 cables for multimon extended single mon this results in higher hz possibilities in windows
my old gtx570 was the fastest gtx570 in highest gpu score gtx570 reference cooler 42%
my msi tiwnfrozer direct cooling got 46,8 (but clock`s only just before nuclear meltdown ,but graphics test only 20 sec of the 1 min pc benchmark

aldo the results came from a gtx560 please anyone know how to get those out of scope results just love the highest score possible of course
also i boughts it second hand for only 90 euro/100 dollar about 18 months ago

4x4 [4x4 Supersampling (D3D only)]

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