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[MLP] [Blender] Discopears' Fluttershy's Cottage Fly-through

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[MLP] [Blender] Discopears' Fluttershy's Cottage Fly-through

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Uploaded by Zoomguy


I've been trying different things in Blender, so I made a camera fly-through animation of Discopears' Fluttershy's Cottage. I made it primarily to test Blender's new stereoscopic 3D mode using an animation.

The cottage itself is made by Discopears. All I did was add a camera path and animated the camera, added CreatorOfPony's Fluttershy lying on the bed and then my own bedsheet using cloth physics.


Animation rendered in ~42 hours at 100 samples using a GTX 970. The samples are so low because this was just a test and the rendering didn't need to take any longer than it already did.


Assets Used:
Song: Interactive Pinkie Pie (TIF Remix) - T.I.F.


Other versions:
YouTube 2D:
YouTube 3D:
Original 3D Download:

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