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3D: The true path of "Marsianers": Video from images of Mars Express spacecraft

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3D: The true path of "Marsianers": Video from images of Mars Express spacecraft

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Uploaded by deadrich


The story of "Marsianers" (science fiction movie) begins in a Plain at the Tropic of Cancer on the planet, first performs a few hundred kilometers to the south-eastern border of Chryse Planitia, and finally through a narrow outflow channel from the Martian highlands to the southeast through the Arabia Terra region , There Watney trying with its limited resources in a race against time, by NASA in the crater Schiaparelli "parked" Ares reach 4 rocket to leave with her ​​to Mars. A large part of the described area, about two and a half million high-precision topography mapped square kilometers, was presented by the DLR scientists only recently as part of a global Martian Kartierprojekts. The DLR Institute of Planetary Research calculated for nearly twelve years from image data of the camera system HRSC on board ESA's Mars Express spacecraft digital terrain models of the Martian surface.
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