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3D Illustration Promo

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3D Illustration Promo

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Uploaded by joeping2


This is an experimental promotional trailer for created in Adobe After Effects.
Thanks for looking.

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OOPS, I thought I was logged in when I typed the last comment. Thanks for the tips =)

I like the willingness to use

I like the willingness to use a lot of depth, but the trade off is that you can't use a lot of popout or it becomes painful to watch. This sequence has a lot of constant popout, which requires the viewer to cross his eyes to focus on images outside of the screen. This is very, very bad.

It's easily fixed, though. Put the elements deeper into the scene. Have no popout except for quick transitions. Doing this will make the sequence awe-inspiring due to its high depth, but also completely comfortable for the audience.

Also, the left and right edges of the background are clipped. Increase the size of the background composition so the edges don't clip when they are offset to create parallax.

Thanks for the feedback

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions.
This was my first attempt at creating Stereoscopic 3d inside After Effects, so there are lots of problems.

I'll give your suggestions a try to get rid of the focus problems and make it comfortable for the audience.

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