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Carrara/Pyswarm Flocking Experiment 3D

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Carrara/Pyswarm Flocking Experiment 3D

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Uploaded by joeping2


This is another quick experiment with the PySwarm plug in for Carrara 8.5 Pro and NLA Clips.

I created a "Boid" group that was a figure with a looping wing flap cycle NLA clip with a duration of 30 seconds. Then I replicated that "Boid" 21 times and numbered the "Boid" groups. Then I used PySwarm to generate a movement script with 21 boids and 1 attractor object. Then I just imported the PySwarm script into Carrara. One wing flap NLA clip and the Pyswarm script control all movement, no key frame editing other than the 9 frame wing flap cycle NLA clip.

What do you think?

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