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SuperHero Elephants

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SuperHero Elephants

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Uploaded by deadrich


What would you do if you found out 240 elephants were coming to town? Well one thing you want to do is prepare the world's largest elephant buffet.
They come from all over Thailand by truck or by foot. The elephants, their Mahout, or keepers and their families.
Both human and animal.
This happens every year in the town of Surin, Thailand. And boy are they ever hungry. Elephants consume up to 300 kg. of of food per day.
Since 1960, the Tourist Authority of Thailand has sponsored the Surin Elephant Roundup to promote the understanding and appreciation of these mamoth creatures.
Shot by Al & Bee Caudullo and Ole Shell with the SuperHero 3D Camera System with two GoProHero 3 cameras.

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