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Guild Wars 2

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Guild Wars 2

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Uploaded by Zloth


Yes folks, GW2 works great in 3D Vision! The playing part anyway. Character select and dialog cutscenes are all wrong but the main gameplay is nearly flawless. (Hmmm, did that monster wake up!?)

Video comments

plays fine

works fine for me....

I saw in this video 2character.

I Think this video have problem......... Fix it please.

Having trouble, please help!!!!

Having a problem getting the game to run in 3D....I have all the required stuff, and latest drivers (306.23) my 3D tests fine, but I go to play GW2 and it crashes after I log in and clk play....brings up a notif to check drivers and DX9 which I know are up to date, SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME. you can send advice direct to many thanx!!!!


This game looks amazing in 3D, thanks for posting - gonna check it out now myself!

Looks good.

I wish I wasn't "MMO'D out". Looks great. I wasnt very impressed with secret worlds "3d". This game looks great though.

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