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Gumball 3000

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Gumball 3000

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Uploaded by iWATCH3D


Welcome to the crazy world of Gumball 3000, now in immersive 3D!
Shot in London on start day of the 2011 edition of the world fameous rally.

Shot on Sony HDR-TD10. No sliders used here, just the good old tripod tricks on two legs,paning and tilting while moving.Edited natively in Sony Vegas 11.Light grading with Magic Bullet Looks,inside Vegas. Love it that finally my best grading plugin is now supported in Vegas 11 in 64bit.

So enjoy the video. If you watch it on a computer, 3DTV, 3D mobile or maybe even on a 3D head mounted display - let me know if you liked it and how did it look on the specific diplay you were watching it on.

For more details about this clip and my other productions visit
and follow me on Twitter @iWATCH3D

Video comments

Great content

I guess I have nothing to say now that I realized that it is the 3DVision plugins that are flipping the eyes' views, not the video being encoded incorrectly.


This looks like alot of good fun! Great 3D shots! Loved the amazing cars that I have never seen! Must be a 3D first. BRAVO!

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