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Maxwell and DirectX 12 Delivered

NVIDIA this week announced Maxwell, our 10th generation GPU architecture. Maxwell delivers unmatched performance, twice the energy efficiency of the previous generation, and major new graphics capabilities including the latest DirectX 12 (DX12) advancements.


Driver Brings New 3D Vision Profiles & More

In driver 334.89 NVIDIA introduced a new proprietary rendering mode for 3D Vision that enables us to improve the 3D experience for many key DirectX 10 and 11 games. This mode is now called “3D Compatibility Mode”. We have continued to iterate on this feature in driver 344.11, increasing game support and adding some new interface elements. You can get the new driver at or via the update option in Geforce Experience.


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Introducing the NVIDIA Geforce GTX 900 Series...

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New 3D Gear

How Maxwell’s VR Direct Brings Virtual Reality Gaming Closer to Reality

We’ve seen it in movies. We’re read about it in books. Thirty years after the publication of Neuromancer, virtual technology is breaking into the mainstream. And our latest GPUs – built on our new Maxwell architecture – are ready.

How Our Maxwell GPUs Debunked the Apollo 11 Conspiracy Theory

No, the Apollo 11 moon landing wasn’t a hoax. And we can prove it.
Rather, our game demo team already did. By using Maxwell, our new GPU architecture, to digitally rebuild one of the landing’s iconic photographs – Neil Armstrong’s shot of Buzz Aldrin clambering down the lunar module’s ladder.

How Two NVIDIA Fans Helped Us Set a Guinness World Record for Gaming in 4K

A new generation of ultra high-definition displays are ready. Our fans our ready. And with Maxwell – the most advanced GPU ever made – we’re more than ready.
It’s time to go big. Bigger than anyone has gone before.

Join Us for GAME24, World’s First Global Gaming Event

Are you a gamer? Join us. Jason Mewes of Jay and Silent Bob fame will be there.

Featured Director: Edoardo Bellanti

Italian director Edoardo Bellanti tells us about his experiences making a 3D pop music video...

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The Making of The Way - and Interview with Co-director Edoardo Bellanti

We’re fortunate enough to have another fine 3D video from New Media Film Festival to share with you here on 3DVisionLive—a pop music video from Italy called “The Way,” which you can view here. Even better, New Media Film Festival has provided an interview with one of the co-directors of the video, Edoardo Ballanti, which provides insights on how the video was created and the vision behind it. Enjoy! (Alice Corsi also co-directed the video.)


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No problem - great video!

Video Directed by Edoardo Bellanti and Alice Corsi

Hi guys, thank you very musch for the great Article!
I have to tell you that the video is co-directed by Edoardo Bellanti and Alice Corsi: is it possible to modify that information? Thank you very much

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ImageNet Competitors, AI Researchers Talk Up Benefits of GPUs for Deep Learning

When the number of users of your product flips from zero to nearly 100%, you don’t need a Ph.D. to realize a trend has formed.
And that’s exactly what’s happened at the “World Cup” for computer vision and machine learning – the ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge.