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James Cameron Exclusive Interview on Titanic 3D, Avatar and Games

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James Cameron Exclusive Interview on Titanic 3D, Avatar and Games

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we are not cyclops's

We have 2 eyes to see depth as apart of are natural adaptation to our environment, and it's clear that James Cameron really gets it. We are so lucky to have such a great film director backing 3D and understanding that human beings are not cyclops's and we have 2 eyes for a reason. If you listen to the interview he does an outstanding job describing what 3D is and how it changes our experience when watching movies and playing games.

James Cameron Exclusive Interview on Titanic 3D, Avatar and Game

Really interesting interview.
I like the way James Cameron speak.
He seems to be a very "cool guy".. If i had something to ask him it will be about a "remastered" Avatar games with more 3D effects or maybe a game bases on Prometheus scenario. And please give us more pop-up effects that's what i like in 3D...


Popout is cool IF DONE RIGHT. You have to watch the edges of the screen very carefully. If anything at the edges is popping out, it will spoil the effect and you'll be in trouble. When that happens, it looks like something close to use (the image at the edge) is getting covered up by something that's further away (the screen)! The whole realism effect gets ruined.

Video games have even more problems with this as they also have to watch that you don't get a popout object in front of/behind the HUD.

But you're right. There's a big difference between seeing a flat picture of a gun pointed at you and actually going cross-eyed to see the barrel of the gun!

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