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Fighter Pilot 3D: Operation Red Flag Trailer

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Fighter Pilot 3D: Operation Red Flag Trailer

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Following a young F-15 fighter pilot through Red Flag, the final training phase before pilots are sent into actual combat, this giant screen film is the closest audiences will ever get to a ride in the world's greatest fighter jet. "Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag" was directed by one of the foremost large format filmmakers and provides a rare insider's view into the teamwork and dangers inherent in military flight training. This 48-minute adrenaline-packed giant screen hit is now available in stunning digital 3D, with the stereoscopic production performed by 3D experts at Passmorelab. Appropriate for general audiences.


Video comments


You get the best quality your bandwidth can support - though I think it's limited at 720p?

Part II

Did some more digging and you should be able to see this video in HD - 1920x1080 as long as your bandwidth can support it. Click on the bar graph in the player toolbar to see what you are getting with you connection - you need 6000kbps for HD playback (and an HD screen of course). But I get full HD on my PC screen right now.

Low quality

yes 3d but i receive low quality at my full gd 42" 3d tv..... :( why this isnt at 1920 x 1080?



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