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3D Mash-Up 2011

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3D Mash-Up 2011

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The Da-Lite® 3D Mash-up video is a 4 ½ minute high energy, quick cut visual feast of stereoscopic artistry and innovative spirit set to a driving beat. Sponsored by the Da-Lite® Screen Company and Produced by Lightspeed Design, Inc. / DepthQ®, this 3D journey is comprised of 28 clips from the works of 19 leading stereoscopic artists from 11 countries around the world. The 3D content, both live action and cgi, represents an incredibly wide range of stereoscopic applications including entertainment, music videos, advertising, sports, engineering, astronomy, medical imaging and biology. Enjoy the ride!


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Video comments

Love your VARIETY!

3D Mash-Up shows us so many ways 3D can deliver a better product, experience, feeling and overall sense of ;being there' Bravo, well done on a super cool video! Love it. Brian Leupold 3D Minds

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