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3D Aquarium - Introduction

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3D Aquarium - Introduction

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This 3 minute highlite of the 70 minute 3D Blu-ray is a visual prelude to your immersion in an amazing, colorful aquatic world of beauty.

Six different salt water reef tanks with over 220 different species of fish, anemones, clams, crab, shrimp and corals were filmed using the DepthQ® Stereoscopic 3D rig outfitted with two RED ONE 4K digital cinema cameras and captured & mastered at 4096x2304 resolution to create the 6 different chapters. Crystal clear, ultra sharp imagery combined with deep, comfortable 3D create an incredibly immersive experience that is beautiful, compelling and fun.

The complete 70 minute 3D Blu-ray will be availabe on Amazon at beginning June 7.


Video comments

Pretty Good, but a little flat.

The overall quality is fairly good, but there's "squished" feeling to the video, like the depth has been flattened. While this might be a setting on my end, I suspect the left/right separation for this video was set a little close together.



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