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3D Africa Trailer

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3D Africa Trailer

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This is the trailer for "3D Africa", the new film by 3D Minds and animal expert, Brad Tylman, Get up-close and personal with African wildlife in stunning high-definition 3D! Learn more about the film and view bonus clips at . Filmed by Brad Tylman on location in Africa, Produced by Brian Leupold. Edited by Tom Walker. Music by Kevin MacLeod.



Video comments

I love that guys voice!!

I love that guys voice!! sounds like he's out of Discovery.


Just found out, ANYONE with a 3D Camera can start posting their 3D Videos! I am SO excited to see more people join THE BEST 3D site on the web!

Brian Leupold - 3D Minds

3D Africa WILD

The BABY Elephant Looks so CUTE!
Trudy Leupold 3D

Looks Great

20 feet away from 20 hungry lions... yikes!

Brave Cameraman

Yes very gutsy. I would not want to be near 1 Lion when it is feeding! The sounds recorded are just about as powerful as the visuals.
Brian 3DMinds

3D Lions

Brad filmed mostly in Kruger Park, a few months back he stumbled on 1 lion just taking down a boar. By the clips end, there is about 12 lions, Brads about 20 feet back zooming in with the Sony and there is nothing left.
The film really captures the predator prey relationship.
Thanks for watching our trailer!
Brian 3D Minds

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